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Hey guys, long time forum lurk, recently created a profile. Background is I'm a disabled Navy Veteran; maintained CIWS weapons systems and did vessel boarding search and siezure for 6 years. The time has passed for my trailway; after reading many posts on this site, I jumped in thinking this was the last bike I'd ever own. As usualy, a woman has made this decision necessary; there is no such thing as distance "two up" riding on a trailway. she has her own helmet, jacket, pants, gloves and loves to get puttered around on the T-dub with me; problem is the bike doesn't like it much :) I drive it everyday to Southeastern, and use it for grocery shopping, pizza pickups, you name it I do it on a trailway! A family member who backed out of a purchase (b/c her dad says motorcycles are evil..) had promised to buy this little charm (so it could stay in area-- and I could eventually buy it back) but she bailed out on me. Ive since committed to another bike purchase; put a deposit down, and was waiting to go pick it up. Problem is I love the T-dub the way I think alot of you do, who wants to sell the little slow gas-sipper that could? I picked mine up from a guy who used it also to commute to school, and he racked up quite the pile of miles on this bike. Lucky for me he was an engineering major and gave a crap, so the bike got TLC frequently. Im at 28,000 on the ticker with milage sure to increase by approx 100 by the day. I love to ride th T-Dub, no rush to get there, easy to control and everyone LOVES the giant back tire! I wont sell her if I cant atleast get what I paid before parts and many hours of labor.

New parts include:

re-skinned seat, in Classic British Tan

Bike painted Italian Olive, frame is flat black

Cycle rack rear rack

new black dual density grips, the factory one were toast (pics do not reflect new grips and some show the OEM tank).

Clarke 2.7 gallon Tw200 specific tank painted to match bike

Sun star 47T rear sprocket (huge top speed difference without much loss in torque, 50T was just a wee bit to short for my liking).

DID "X" ring chain

TUSK D-FLEX hand guards

chain idler bushing (the one that is retained by one bolt and the rear swing-arm).

rear brake pads

The temp has been around 40-60 degrees lately, and I still dont have to choke her to start in the morning.

Bike has had 4 oil changes since I've owned it, and I've put a total of 3800 miles on her personally in the last 3 months. I cant help but go ride between classes, or whenever I have free time; hell if I could I'd sleep on the damn thing. Tires in excellent shape.

Noob to the forum, so I have to figure out how to post pics, but I'm sure you'll love it.

$2500.00---- reciepts for all parts within the last 3 months.... battery came from WALMART, and has an exchange plan if it ever develops an issue.

Anyone whos afraid of the milage can feel just like I did when I bought Her with 25K on the clock; nervous until you ride it. Also Includes a factory YAMAHA left side case gasket (for front sprocket change) and both FRONT and REAR new in the box YAMAHA factory inner-tubes. Battery was replaced 3 months ago, have reciepts for all parts (including BELL-RAY THUMPER ESTER based THUMPER OIL)..... Comes with spare oil filter!

bike can also be seen on new orleans Craigslist as of 12-6-12, right now I need to go be pissed off that She is going away and play video games...

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