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Before I have to Ebay this bike I wanted to offer to anyone on the forum. I bought this TW200 New in 2002 from Gainesville Motorsports in Gainesville Georgia. This Bike has been stored in a climate controlled environment since the day it was brought home. It has been cranked

on a strict schedule to keep everything in working order. It has no issues at all. No scratches , No rust , No wear , Tires are not dry rotted ,

No dings. It has had a recent battery replacement and tune up. It idles and runs as it should. This bike is as brand new as you can get.

I am the original owner and have clear title.

If you are interested in purchasing this bike, please email or call me.

Price is 2850.00

Ron Hollis

Gainesville GA . 30506


[email protected]
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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