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TW200 Jetting for Houston area

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In case anyone in the Houston/SE texas area is trying to dial in their TW carb, I wanted to pass along what works on my bike.

2003 TW200- stock exhaust, stock cam

Pilot Jet= Stock

Pilot screw= A hair over 2.5 turns out

Main jet= 130

Needle Shimmed .035

I had a slight lean surge after replacing my stock header pipe with a new one (it had no carbon buildup in it like the old one did). Shimming the needle .035 completely smoothed out throttle response when cruising. I used 2.5mm washers that I picked up from my local Ace hardware. I sanded them down to the thickness I needed.

The stock 126 main jet was lean, especially after replacing the header.

The 128 main was pretty close, and the 130 might be a tiny bit rich, but not "blubbering/poor throttle response" rich.

I think if there was a 129 main it would closer to perfect. I'm not confident I could bore out a jet without ruining it so the 130 is fine. I'd rather be a tad rich than a tad lean, especially in the summer heat here.
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Thanks for posting.

One size does not fit all, and you're at sea level. This is a process.
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