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For lifting the TW200 off the ground for work (say remove both wheels), what do people use? (Is there enough on the bottom for a standard bike lift?)

I stole this idea from the Broken Veteran (I hope he's still with us)

I use 2 milk crates and a section of 2x6. I sit one milk crate on the right side of the bike as close as possible.

I then slide the board under the bike and on top of the milkcrate. I then simply grab (I drilled 2 holes and placed a piece of rope through them to make a handle with a piece of pvc pipe over the rope) then life the bike up level, then take my foot and push the other milk crate under the board. Bike sits perfectly level, has clearance for oil change, service, etc. you can even sit on the boards if they are long enough for a service stool Etc.

I've got 2 different M/C lifts, but I use this method because its faster and more stable.

Hope this helps.

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I have a platform lift--roll the bike up, strap down one end or the other, put a bottle, scissors, or floor jack topped with a piece of 2x6 under the skidplate.
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