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TW200 vs TX225

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OK I am a newbie, this is my first post. I am 48 yrs old and have many bikes in the past, (from 90 cc to 1100cc)then took a 18 year break (when I had kids)

I bought a 2003 TW for my 17yr old son, who gets his M license in 1 month. Long story short, either he gets another TW or I get another bike in 30 days! I mean I LOVE this bike

(I have a DR350S that I dont drive since getting the TW). I now drive the TW daily, seldom off road, but about 150 miles a week. It really struggles with 55 or 60 mph. Today my friend stops buy with a TX225. These look like almost the same bike and engine! But I drive his, it seems twice as strong! It will hit 70 mpg with ease, lots more torque!

Now, I dont go over 60mph, but boy, the TW is struggling to keep 60 (I weigh 275). TX225 seems to be relaxed at 60mpg. Can 25 CC make that big of a difference?

Kind of wish the TW200 was a TW225....
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The TW is what its, a good back roads commuter and fun in the dirt. Thats why I dich my F650GS(also sold The Ruckus) I find myself with The CT 110 and The TW so I went ahead and bough a 1100 Honda Shadow Spirit when long haul and speed is need it.

Now Im glad that I pick The TW over the XT.
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