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TW200 vs TX225

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OK I am a newbie, this is my first post. I am 48 yrs old and have many bikes in the past, (from 90 cc to 1100cc)then took a 18 year break (when I had kids)

I bought a 2003 TW for my 17yr old son, who gets his M license in 1 month. Long story short, either he gets another TW or I get another bike in 30 days! I mean I LOVE this bike

(I have a DR350S that I dont drive since getting the TW). I now drive the TW daily, seldom off road, but about 150 miles a week. It really struggles with 55 or 60 mph. Today my friend stops buy with a TX225. These look like almost the same bike and engine! But I drive his, it seems twice as strong! It will hit 70 mpg with ease, lots more torque!

Now, I dont go over 60mph, but boy, the TW is struggling to keep 60 (I weigh 275). TX225 seems to be relaxed at 60mpg. Can 25 CC make that big of a difference?

Kind of wish the TW200 was a TW225....
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My 2003 TW200 has 700 miles on it. Could it just be "not broke in"? I mean I have currently three bikes to compare, the TW200 Xt225 and DR350. In terms of road speed, The Tw200 is more like a CB125 I used to have, the Xt225 feels more like the DR350 than the TW200. When I was young I had a CB200T Honda that, if you laid on the tank, would tickle 80mph any day. the XT225 hit 75 with ease. The TW200 MIGHT hit 65 if you stay in it long enough and you dont have a head wind or hill.

I would like to take a few short trips on this bike, but with wfo speeds of 60 mph, and slowing on the hills, I could see other drivers getting "upset" and "aggressively" passing me in less than safe maneuvers...

The bike seems to run smooth and steady, but I also read about re-jetting the carb. Would I really see a difference? I really like to ride this bike on the dirt roads and trails. I am a big guy, 6'2, 275. Am I better just trailering it to the trails and mountains to ride off road?
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Forget what I said, I have had the time to take the Little TW out a ring it out a bit. I guess i was in a head wind or something. seems nw, in the evening when it is calm, 65 mph is attainable. Down hill close to 70mpg. But I have been running the hell out of this little bike, and clocked a few miles up on the Interstate and found a trick. Drafting! drop back 100 feet or so behind a semi and she will hold 70 mph all day!

I was looking at the KLR650 as my next bike, and might still.. next year. But I can see the TW200 becoming the best bike I have ever owned! I need gel grips, windshield, and a rack on back (bad need a rack!) Maybe even handle bar risers.

Guys' this TW200 bug is getting bad....

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I bad need a rack! Last weekend at the lumber yard... Breaker panel, breakers, tools, a case of cat food.....

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And Today, A new DOT/Snell 2010 helmet (inside the crate)

Three 4 pound Mineral blocks for the Horses (inside the helmet)

and a new 15" front tire for my tractor....

and my 50 year old, 275 pounds....

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I have really been looking at the Jimbo shield! and the hand guards. I riding this bike well into the fall, when it cools off. I have the big diesel trucks, but I have not started one in days!

As for the drafting, 100 feet might be closer that i really was, as I bet it was at least two semi trailer lengths, or 15 car lengths between us. I did have to Dodge a few rubber pieces!

I dont plan on too much interstate, but it is nice to know if I need to, it is very possible! The speed limit on Illinois Interstates is 65 MPH anyway!
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