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I knew there was a TW225 in Japan. I did some searching online and I can't find much information on it, other than Japanese sites that google translate does a poor job at.

Has there ever been any real talk of the TW225 coming to the states? Is it still made in Japan? I can't find it nor the TW200 on the Japanese site. Is it just a bored 200, or are there other differences?
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The TW225 was build in Japan from 2002 to 2007.

The differences to the current TW200 are:

- bore: 70mm

- stroke: 58mm

- round headlight

- shorter tail (cover/rear frame part)

- rear drum with 130mm instead 110mm

- rear drum is build in into the hub

The rest is the same:

- cylinder head

- 5 disk clutch

- 5 speed transmission

- carb
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You will need the complete hub from the TW225 to use the 130mm drum.

No, the ttr225 does have a different plate (for the brake shoes).

You can use a longer lever (which is mounted on the drum) to improve the brake performance.
The TW125 type 1 (frame number DE01....) does have the same rear wheel (hub, brake...) like the TW200.

The TW125 type 2 (frame number DE05....) is nearly the same like the TW225 (only the smaller engine and some small differences).
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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