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some 18 year old ken block fan has this bike for sale: thought it might be worth it for the parts etc:

ive got a 1984 honda vtz250 that i recently purchased for 1100, but i dont like the seat position/ speeeed lol so im looking to sell or trade it asap. Whaddya think, sell the bike and offer the kid 500?

i asked "what happened to that tw?"

he said "evolution, what do you call it"
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NOT a 250 unless he swiped Ronny's motor last night.

im probably better off selling the honda and spending the 1100 on the TW
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i mean MY tw200 not the frankenonsense that is going on there

i almost did, before buying the honda, but had to see what it was like to go 160 km/h. turns out i dont like it, so it may be time to throw some cash at the TW.

also ive had the tw listed for 2 months on craigslist etc with not a single bite. i think its a sign to keep it
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Well, there ya go, then.

I sure turned that sideways, no? Late onset dyslexia.

I'd buy it for 500, though. I don't need it, but I'd buy it.

I go to meetings now. Maybe I'll see you at one.

Wait. Buy it, then put the vtz motor in it....

lol i wish, dont think it would fit tho... good call on 500, ill see what he says. i recon the back tire and wheel, as well as headlight and wiring etc are worth 500 in parts... that and the dc stickers
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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