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Hi TW200 owners,

I just have to post our awesome ride from 3 weeks ago.
I own a TW but chose to ride my XR650L this ride, ( hope you can forgive me ):cool:
The following RR is on My2Wheels also, but wanted to get it in here too.

Hope you enjoy the pics.

Hi M2W,

TommyD and a TW200 forum friend( Brian ) and I did a fun run about 3 weeks ago.
TD and I started out in Henderson, North Shore Road to Overton.
Snagged Brian and he lead us to Mesquite via Mesa and River trails.
In Mesquite we did a refuel, Del Taco breakfast and then headed into the Az. Strip.
We took Lime Kiln Pass over to the 101.
Looking for the 1032 to get us to Tweeds Hollow area.
I made a wrong turn and we didn't camp where I was hoping, but the site TommyD found was great.
The temps were really nice and the coyotes were yelping away at night.

The area I really was looking for was in the Tweedie Point area, I went back last Saturday and found the area for future rides.

The next morning we had hotdogs on tortilla for breakfast and then out to
St. George Canyon to Hidden Canyon to Pocum Wash.
Along the way on Hidden Canyon there's a steep area that TommyD rode down with no trouble, however I ( being old as dirt ) felt like it was call in Flight for Life type of descent, stairsteps with loose large rocks near the tires at all times, I made a go for it, as you drop down each step, oh my, you go faster each drop. I was finally able to stop just before Tom's rear wheel.
Brian opted to walk down with his TW and Tom held onto the rear rack for him.
I'm thinking that was the worst of all the trails traveled that weekend.

From Pocum Wash ( 1007 ) we go north to a shaded area that is opposite HeartAttackHill, a place we 4x4 down,
Wow, lunch is PB&J on torilla and Tuna salad on crackers.
We tell Brian how steep the HAH is and looking from a mile away, it looks really steep.
After lunch we head to the 1051 to 101 and head back to Mesquite.
We refuel and get a drink at MickeyD's and head for Overton.
Arriving after dark, we are treated to a nice dinner at Sugar's. ( thx Brian and Bridget )
TommyD and I are now heading toward Meadow Valley Wash, 8:30ish.
We ride up a road full of potholes imported from Pa. I think.
After several miles and a water crossing somewhere near Rox we camp.
It's 11:30pm, I'm tired.
Campsite was awesome and temps were really great.
In the morning we have oatmeal and pack up.
We are on the road again ( road is a word loosely used here ).
MVW is washed out so bad we could not follow the trail.
We had to opt out to go back or follow the RR service road til Carp.

Carp is looking great and the road is open and wide.
We ride.
Passing Elgin and on to Caliente for refuel and lunch.
Dega race, 47 laps to go, is on and we are having BURGERS for lunch.

Decisions, decisions, are we going 93 or Rainbow Canyon to home.
Rainbow it is, we ride, the hairy spiders are crossing the road, I see a roadrunner, a large deer that shoots up a hillside and lots of bugs
The trees look awesome as the leaves are turning yellow.
We hit the Kane Springs Road.

Stopping at the 93 to talk with a 4x4 truck and then off we go toward Love's Truck Stop.
Oops, I hit reserve at Coyote Springs and pull over for refuel from a Kolpin 1.5
This highway is busy.
Running 70 mph I'm only getting 30 mpg.
I refuel at Love's while TommyD does potty break.

Next chapter is " will it start? " KTM is having issues.
A couple kids from Utah try to help,

Finally they leave and a guy named Max helps us get the bike loaded and follows me into Vegas to my work.
TommyD finds a bolt missing and that was the whole problem with starting.

Wow, what a weekend!!!!

500 miles on a 3 day weekend for us.
The weather couldn't have been better, the trails were fun, the scenery is awesome and the company was great.

Now, all I need is for TommyD to add some pics, haha
Maybe a link will work here....

Here's a link to the place I was hoping to get to that weekend.
Tweeds Hollow / Tweedie Point

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pretty area, great ride. thanks for sharing

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Awesome fun ride no matter what bike one uses.

Love this photo

Thanks for sharing the picture's. Looks so warm:p

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Great Fun, Great Story, Great Friend, and Great Food. Well except for the hot dogs and tortilla's. That really sounds like a fun trip. Keep smiling!

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As it turns out, hot dogs and tortillas make a pretty good breakfast. Well, I guess technically they were hot links.

I highly recommend riding with these guys. They are the type of guys that lift the bike off you before they take pictures. I mean, who does that?

It was my first over-nighter off the bike and these guys looked out for me and my sub-par riding skills. I publicly thank them both. I was to meet Tom for the first time on this trip, but it turns out we knew each other from the Samurai days (small world). I'm very glad neither of them joined me in having a Pirate Burger. I met my kid to go hunting the following morning and let me tell you, that was the longest ride to Mesquite ever. Oh, and when have you ever seen a McDonalds run out of toilet paper?

Mark did such a good job with it, I can't really add to the ride report other than to say I really need to learn how to ride in sand. Thanks again for the ride.

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There were some funny things heard around the campfire.

"What happens if you can't find your heart meds?"
"It kind of quits pumping blood."

"I packed your stools on the way in, you'll have to pack 'em on the way out."

"How is it when I wake up, the zipper of the mummy bag is exactly in the middle of my back?"
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