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Kath and Rob's belated annual adventure (2010/2011)

Good afternoon/morning/evening/midday or whatever it may be.

Here's our (very) late ride report upon a mighty '93 TW200 (Rob) and a Kawasaki Super Sherpa (Kath).

Again, this year we were headed to Victoria to spend the time neighboring new years eve. Opposed to last year where we attended a festival chockers with borderline pubescent, vomiting party-goers, we were headed to an abode with friends on the Mornington Peninsula. The motivation was two kegs of arctic Grand Ridge beer in a fine part this country.

We left on Christmas day, which meant we had to have Chrissy early. Atlas had his first beer, at just over 4 years old.

He went outside and vomited after.

Still, a good effort.

Xmas morning, let's go!

We wore our Mrs and Mr Clause outfits, but it was far too hot on this day.

In the hills, after a load of smiles and honks from fellow road users we stopped for a break and we got rid of the outfits.


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I had done some work on the bikes preparing for the trip, but it wasn't entirely 'to the plan'.

Cut the chain too short when replacing the chain and sprockets and wound up with two joiners.

Also, being a tightwad, I tried to get away with the original gasket on the case; which wasn't the best choice. 20/20 in hindsight....

Considering we were on the road for two weeks, we'd finally packed well.

Taking the backroad to Murray Bridge, we came upon our first, but not last, swarm of locusts. 80+km/h splats them, 70km/h and they bounce.

Kath copped something which bit her on the neck/chest (not that part of the chest!) and it swelled up pretty bad.

Murray Bridge and everything that serves food is shut. Servo was even out of pies!

We made do, with a meal of our own.

Nice spot for a feed.

This pic tries to catch the locusts, without success.

Ripoff meals have their time and place (when you have plenty of water access).

Stretching on down towards Karoonda.


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Another desolate town. Nothing open.

Kath was feeling confident.


I didn't have the biggest tyres in this town!

What a monster!

We got to Murrayville, which had a great campsite (unmanned).

Amazingly clean facilities (cleaner than my own dunny) and better lawn too!

Besides the locusts; they were attracted to the lush grass too. Kath scared 'em good though!

Then, the sun went down.

Just like last year, on Christmas day everything was shut and there wasn't even an opportunity for a Chrissy beer. But, one fellow camper game me a single scotch and coke – and topped off a good start to the trip.

Goodnight; for now..... 2000+ks to go, and more dirt oriented riding on the horizon....

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We had been contemplating doing the Border Track south, but in all honesty neither of us have the skill to do sand. Plus, the YouTube videos we saw scared us off – if Landcruisers are having difficulty – we're f*&ked!

'Murrayville track it'll be....'

Filled up and took the road south – was about 140ks.

Had an emu run alongside me for a bit at the beginning, which was sweet. Meanwhile, it was warming up.

One of the many hill-climbs.

We ventured down a sandy jeep trail for a few hundred metres and realised what a great choice we made avoiding the Border Track. It was hard (slow) work! Turning around was even a huge PITA, doing it up a dune would have been a spectacle!

Stopped at a bore, Kath's gotta be sweating here!

Did a mud burnout of the Sherpa – looks good 'eh?

More of the same. Slightly sandy surface which gets softer towards the edges. It's either ride the untouched soft stuff (bit wobbly) or take the harder, central route; but that has dried ruts. I was taking the soft route (shutup Kath) and Kath was going the rut root!

Easy cruisin' at about 60km/h.

We later worked out that using the zoom button is handy!

We were pretty remote (hadn't seen anyone in the few hours) and some of the ruts were becoming a bit larger when I saw Kath go down in my mirror. Heart speeds up rapidly and cuss words exit my helmet. Hope she's ok.....

Spun around and tore back towards her – she was rolling around on her back like a turtle who had been flipped over. 'You OK?' stammer...'yyeep'.

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The turtle got up a bit shaky, and we checked Kath's body to check it was still operating fine. A quick test of all limbs got the green light, and we lifted the downed machine.

Here you can see where the peg dug in as it slid.

Busted a pannier.

A few ocky straps fixed it up.

I asked Kath how fast she was going when she came off - 'about 34km/h'.

'About 34? That's pretty bloody accurate' I say.

We continued on.


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We had a break. Kath said she wasn't sore, but it's always the next day that's the real test.

We made it to the end of the dirt without anymore dramas.

Besides my numberplate – I really should use bolts instead of cable-ties.

We then took the tar to the Grampians.

And camped on a pretty average site. It was dear too.

Roos were everywhere; the owners fed them each night and they would bound through the caravan park.

Another dehydrated meal and bed-time.

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We were staying two nights so we had a day to explore the Grampians. O'l Kath was sore all over now – but she could still get on the bike quick...

This video is not slowed down!

But; she was heaps quicker getting off.....

Went to a lookout and saw a great trail through the growth.


Good views abound.


Pictures can't capture the size of this rock.

As it's fire season, there are many gates stopping tracks, but the riding is still great. Even saw the rare black Cockatoos.


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Didn't realise I was so close to Phillip Island.....

Did ya know that foldable mirrors are actually vanity mirrors?

Well, at least that's what Kath told me....

Found a remote waterfall – wasn't well signposted and the dirt road there must have scared away most holiday makers.

We then visited a second waterfall..

Last one. It was stupidly busy though, so we left pretty quick.

We then returned to camp and rode up a nearby hill to eat dinner atop. I managed to park right on an ants nest and copped a few nasty bites.

Good view from up there.

We had a drink watching the roos eat up close. This joey was pretty big, but it still lived in the pouch!

Few drinks and bed time! Another grand day.

Here's Kath somewhere that day.

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You have some great photo's of your adventures. I always look forward to your annual holiday trips. Thanks so much for sharing.

And for those of us that have had the misfortune of a fall or accident (which probably most of us), I can sure sympathise with Kath's


Thanks again for sharing.


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Amazing pictures, thanks for taking the time to post these up!

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Next morning we left the caravan park with the intention of getting to Colac, about 250ks away, to meet friends at a nearby brewery. Enough cit-chat; let's go.

Cruising down a single-lane backroad we saw a sign for cans of soft drink (soda – for the Americans) for $1, in the middle of no-where. Just had to stop.

I thought, what great honesty. I'm surprised no-one's taken off with the cash and/or drinks....oh wait, now I understand why that hasn't happened...

Thief stop'n security right there!

When only the best will do, it's gotta be Regal....

Off we go again.

What a sweet ride....

We continued on to Colac and found the brewery/winery (Otway Estate) and met friends there for beverages. It continued on, and that was the end of the riding for that day.......tomorrow to the Mornington Peninsula via the ferry dodging Melbourne.

Here's how we rolled on the previous day!

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Next day, the riding began to slow down. We were traveling with a car so we were just rushing.

Went to the ferry, joined the que, and they wave us to the front. Interestingly, unlike the Tassie ferry, the bikes aren't tied down. Just left on their sidestands during the crossing.

View from the boat.

And another brewery find – got two kegs for the Christmas break!

Then, took our time back to the accommodation.

What a view!

Great riding country....

Got bored – I'm just like Carmichael!

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Whilst down there, we went for one spin down the Wilson’s Promontory.

Jeez that’s a good look’n bike.

By now it was 2011, and time to start heading back home.

We parked here for a snack where it was peaceful. The cattle got a shock when we saw them; they didn’t expect anyone about.

Nice place.

And we then headed through a rainforest to Healesville.

Stayed in a cabin that night with NSW pals. Next day wineries and visited a few more breweries; Coldstream, Hargreaves Hill and Buckley’s.

After leaving (just Kath and I now), we finally found Santa.

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On we go….

Went through Clunes which was a nice little oldie/worldly place.

Then, through a forestry area where we weren’t supposed to be according to signs; top riding.

Found a friend.

Jeez it was nice.

Then we came across a really hilly section through a national park. It seems my YouTube account has broken so I can’t show videos. Kath did well here, a few tricky climbs where I was glad I was on the TW.

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On to Ararat then through Mafeking into the Flinders. Nice riding again.

Kath likes these roads where the trees arch over. Can’t argue.

Almost there.

This is the life!

Found a nice camp with a fire. Shared it with a family who actually had well-mannered and behaved kids – a rarity these days. Was nice to see.

Certainly one of our favourite nights – eating by the fire with wallabies and roos stamping around in the bushes.

More to come!
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