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I just get on and ride. I've never even owned a bell...or had a ritual.

How about you?
There's a term for articles like that.


A writer under deadline with a case of Writer's Block. And, as noted, probably a bit of OCD.

No matter. Nobody will remember in a year anyway; and he met his deadline.

He got a little money and can keep his PRESS card and access to new cycles to test and play with.

Yup, I'm envious. I tried, thirty years ago, to break into the writing's probably easier now, with the Internet...

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I have a gifted bell on all my bikes. Dunno if it works or not, but so far I've walked away under my own steam every time the bike decided it was 'tired'.

Doing a full walk-around every time I'm off it for more than 10 minutes probably helps more though...
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