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Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner

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I went to Harbor Freight and bought their large ultrasonic cleaner. Normally $99.99 but was on sale for $79.99 plus the 20% off coupon it came to almost $64. I am happy!

Dieing to try it out I scrounged some old carb parts (I had them because I never throw anything out), half filled the tub with about 1 part Simple Green and 4 parts water, tossed in the parts and turned it on for default 180 seconds.

If the rubber on the tip is still sort of soft this float needle valve would still be useable.





Take a slightly abrasive rubber cone and smooth the seat, the spot where the rubber tip from above makes the seal, add a new o-ring, and I bet this would work.

This jet is junk but here is the before and after. Note the hole is pretty clean after one time in the ultrasonic cleaner.

I bet "ultrasonic-ing" the the entire carb. body would do wonders cleaning all the little passage ways.

Using the ultrasonic cleaner just cleans. It removes dirt and corrosion. It doesn't smooth or polish.

The next time I take a carb. apart I will definitely be using it. It seems to clean at least as well, if not better, as blasting the parts with aerosol cans of carb cleaner. I like it.
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Nicely done, Tony.

Did you use the "heat" setting? Mine seems to work better that way.

Did you try running the parts through for more than one cycle?

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