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Catching up on some rides.

We decided to get some sand riding experience before we headed down to the May Moab. While we camped here, the creek would run intermittently which was interesting. Wanted to show the wife a neat geological area upstream but the water was running too deep on two attempts so we aborted and rode other trails in the area.

Of all the times I pick to come here and get some sand riding in the creek decides to weep. Also wanted to show Mrs. Admiral a neat geological site but we got "creeked out".

The easy route was riding in the water and being cold outside didn't help

So we rode around the area and found some other neat places to see

Rock tent

This area was a good consolation prize since we couldn't see the other site

We tried again to go upstream in the afternoon but ran into the water again. The weird thing is the water quite running where we camped at but about half-way upstream, it was running. Seeing the water disappear in the streambed was really neat as I've never seen that before.
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