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Upcoming E. Washington Poker Runs

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I'd like to let you guys know about two poker runs that my Dad and I ride with our TWs. It would be awesome if some of you guys could come and ride. I am not associated with either of the groups that put them on, I just ride in their poker runs.

The first one is the Dirty Poker Run put on by the Fringe Motorcycle Club and its on March 17th and 18th. We ride the one on Saturday the 17th (both days are the same).

This poker run is located near Vantage, Wa on the east side of the Columbia River. Its a slower paced ride geared toward families, but it is still very challenging. The terrain consists of sand, sagebrush, hills, dirt, sand, rocks, and sand.

This is a very fun ride because most of the people that participate are very nice and eager to help. Motorcycles, quads, and side by sides are welcome.

I recommend having a riding buddy on this ride because sometimes it takes two people to push the bike out of the sand.

The second poker run is called the Desert 100 Poker Run and is put on by the Stumpjumpers Motorcycle Club and its on March 31st. The actual Desert 100 (100 mile race) is run on April 1st, but we don't ride in it. This ride is located near Odessa, WA.

This ride brings in people by the thousands. Most riders are very good and steer clear of us slower riders.

The terrain consists of dirt, sand, rocks, hills, and sagebrush. We enjoy this poker run very much. You get a hotdog at one of the check points and all finishers get a t-shirt.

Both poker runs consist of about 20 miles and it takes us anywhere from 2.5 to 4 hours to finish.

I'd love it if some of you would come out and ride with us. You are more than welcome to join my Dad and I and we can all ride together and help each other out (I usually have to dig my Dad out of the sand).

Let me know if you want to attend and maybe we could hook up and ride.
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One more week until the "Dirty"! I'm goin', and I hope to see some t'dubs there and meet their riders.
Today was a lot of sand and it was tough, but in the end it was fun.

^ very true! It was nice meeting you and your dad today. We'll see ya in Odessa!
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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