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Valve adjustment success

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I just want to let you folks know that with the help of the pinned tutorial by vuldub, my 15 yo son adjusted the valves on his TW200 in about an hour this morning. I watched but did not help him at all. The exhaust valve was a little tight and the intake valve was a little loose. The bike still runs great and is a little quieter than before.

So if anyone out there has been contemplating this but is a little apprehensive... go for it. Just take your time and have fun.
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Since the valve adjustment thread has been pinned, I'd like to use your thread to point out something to the nOObs, or anyone who's never done a valve adjustment on a bike with rocker arms, as it seems to be counterintuitive to some.

Your valve clearance gets SMALLER as your valves wear. So if you're on the low end of spec you need to re-adjust that valve to something nearer to the MAX gap.
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