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Valve clearance spec

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Hey guys I just had a quick question about my 2003 TW200, I adjusted the valves to these specs today and the bike sounded pretty good, just want to double make sure since you guys are the pros with these bikes. heres the link, let me know.........Alex
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there's a thread on here already that covers this extensively..
I wasnt saying dont talk about this fun bike !

but yeah I was too lazy to do a search for the link for the guy, just let him know the info was up here.. ( that thread n20diver linked is the one I menat and the one I used too! ...

The FAQ and how to's here are pretty good IMHO - the lazy man carb cleanign etc are well documented with photo! what more could u ask?
you might make a mental note of the pinned threads at the top of the section - some really good info there

I would change the gasket on the "rocker" cover if I was you after doing in - I didnt an now mines leaking oil a bit out of the front facing one......
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1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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