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Very new rider

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I went out for my very first bike ride on a 92 tw 200 today. (actually first bike ride on a dirt bike) So being so inexperienced I did end up crashing. I went the whole day without a hiccup and when I tried climbing a small steep hill that the trucks tailgate was layed on I grabbed a little too much gas while trying to put the front brake on and ended up attacking an unsuspecting barbed wire fence. No worries I suffered only a 6" cut to my forearm. I felt more stupid than anything, LOL. In the process I managed to sever an electrical cable that comes off the clutch handle. I'm just curious as to what this electrical cable is for? The bike seems to work just fine and right now it is too cold to go out and trace the wires. It's probably a stupid question but being new to bikes and TW's I probably will ask a lot of them.
Thanks, SMitty
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Speaking of feeling stupid, most of the times I fall over is at a dead stop, and for no apparent reason tip over. Or when I lifting my leg over the seat getting on or off. The last time it happened (couple months back) 2 cars drove by while I was still rolling on the ground. At least you got to "Gas it"!

Until bones are broken beyond repair and keep us off our beloved TW's, shake the dust off, look around to make sure nobody saw you, and get back on like nothing happened.

And if the emergency room nurse asks you how you got a 6" inch wound on your forearm, tell the nurse you were repelling a wolf attack. Got to be more believable than riding a TW through some barb wire.

Keep riding and look for some of us Treasure Valley riders getting together this summer for a few rides. Love to have you along.

Thanks Admiral, I intend on getting back on the bike and trying that same little hill again. And about the Treasure valley riders, I have been on this site for awhile looking and reading all I can to learn about mechanical and modification stuff for the TW. I am very impressed with what many of you members have done and continue to do on this site. Thanks for all the info. As for the rides this summer, once I get a little more proficient on the TW, I will definitely want to tag along. Thanks again. Smitty
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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