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I enjoy the ride, but seem to enjoy presenting the ride almost as much.. Videos are GREAT, but I find them likely more time consuming than the ride. To make the 'job' easier for all that follow, lets put in place a thread that provides insight as to what we use (camera) and how we process the image (software). We may as well include the reasons we use the hosting sight that we do.

Videos are great. I like presenting them, but sometimes they come out looking marginal. Lets help each other do the best that we are inclined to do; share your insights on video production here. Share your VIDEOS in the appropriate threads. Gerry
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Filming is fun, editing takes a long time. I'm no pro but I do enjoy making videos if I have the time.

GoPro Tips/Tricks

I haven't made a TW video yet (took her on dirt for the first time yesterday) but here are two I've done with the GoPro 1



US/Mexico Border Fence Ride
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Fantastic video making Goofy Footer!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

For demonstrating how to EDIT!

Far too many don't seem to know they can cut out the boring stuff.

Very frustrating to watch minutes of nothing to get to the seconds of good stuff.

I'm glad you found it useful! That thread is a good read, I created it to be shared. Like I said, I'm no pro but its fun to make the videos (ideally on a rainy day). In the Canyon Sin Nombre ride video (the first one I posted), the beginning 3 riding clips all came from one video segment of about 1-1.5 mile worth of physical trail riding. I didn't want to post the whole 1.5 miles so I just cut it into sections. It makes the entrance into the canyon more exciting.

#1 Have fun with it. Just like riding it takes some time and can have a steep learning curve. But just like bikes, once you're able to ride a little bit (or in this instance have some basic understanding) you can have a lot of fun.

#2 Identify who you are making the video for and what you hope to accomplish with the video. Friends/family are more willing to watch longer clips of you because they are invested in you as a person. A random view on youtube gets bored around 3 minutes (if not sooner). If you want to watch and critique yourself then long clips are useful. If you want more entertainment:

-- get off the bike for other angles (ie walk along side of your buddy in a technical section, position the camera on the ground and ride towards & away from it, etc).

-- use different mounts for a variety of angles as I demonstrated in pictures in that thread.

-- don't just film riding (I recently went to Mexico to get lobsters, my friend took his camera into the kitchen and asked the chef to show him the live lobster)

-- tell a story (take a video pan of a road sign to help clue people into where you are)
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Another thing I should mention is that videos don't always have to be action packed with great clips.

Here is a compilation of pictures with some narration and good background music:


It has a funny story, some hilarious pictures and a smooth musical chord. I just re-watched the video because my buddy (whom I got into riding) recently got his first and only bike stolen from his house (the white DR650). In an effort to turn around karma and send positive vibes, I figured I'd include the video here. Its simple, fun and most everybody really enjoys this video.
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Here is another good read from some ADV guys out of Australia Any tips for better motorbike videos?

They seem to stop often and film each other riding or doing tricks. Much less Point of View angles than typical ride report videos. This also means much more work to film however.
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