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Video time... (big-time stuck!)

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Considering a Winch install
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Good video.

Safety note: remember if pulling with a rope or winch cable, always lay a branches, dead or alive on cable or rope so if it breaks, the recoil is slowed down by things laying on the cable or rope. A simple trick I learned years ago and could save your neck......literally.

Just one or two small limbs laying on cable/rope can make a difference in recoil speed.

I have heard about ropes or cables breaking and the recoil/whiplash return has hurt people bad, even small medium pulls can really hurt someone if it it under tension and breaks.

Cool video, good job, lots of memories made there.


I'd agree. Around here we usually throw a heavy towel or something on there about midway for just this purpose. A piece of chain works good as well.

Love that Argo.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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