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Want to Buy Windshield Mount Hardware

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Just got my hands on a National Cycle Delector Screen (free) but it came without any hardware. Since I'm mostly just "trying" to determine if I really want to invest in a windshield, I'm looking for some (cheap) hardware to mount it. Also the handlebar mounts for a Slip Stream uses the same sort of approach to mount the shields. Let me know if you have spare hardware you'd be willing to part with.

Buddymc \

Huntsville AL
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Hey MC, dont yall have a national forest or park over there? Hows the riding?
I ride the national preserve out at little river canyon. Its fun, but after riding it a dozen times or so it gets a little old. Riding the canyon rim, aka canyon parkway, is flipping great. I went down to piedmont last weekend and rode part of the talladega national forest. Needed more gas, ran low and I was nowhere near done exploring all that.

I think Bankhead was what I was thinking of. I saw on one of those dual sport websites they had offroad trails but I didn't know if it was worth a trip or not when it warms up.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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