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Want to Buy Windshield Mount Hardware

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Just got my hands on a National Cycle Delector Screen (free) but it came without any hardware. Since I'm mostly just "trying" to determine if I really want to invest in a windshield, I'm looking for some (cheap) hardware to mount it. Also the handlebar mounts for a Slip Stream uses the same sort of approach to mount the shields. Let me know if you have spare hardware you'd be willing to part with.

Buddymc \

Huntsville AL
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Hey MC, dont yall have a national forest or park over there? Hows the riding?

We've got several very interesting places to get off-road. You can find us near Huntland TN, or Hale Mountian (Elora TN), or Carter Mountain (CMRA) (Skyline), or Bankhead Forest, or WestPoint TN, and when hunting season is over, a really nice close to home area called Coal Mine Mountain.

My Buddy (traded his ATV for a 03 TW) in July. By December, he convinced me to sell my KTM and by a TW (got a great deal on 09, but still sorting out the Title / Tag mess). We are planing our first big "dual-sport TW / GPS / Roll Chart based adventure ride" by doing the Mississippi Hill Country (a TransAmericaTrail) the last weekend of March. Two days riding the middle part of the state.

What kind of riding do you have in Fort Payne?
Hey Buddymc, don't have the hardware to part with as mine is in use. I too got a windshield for a cheap price and went to the local m/c dealer to buy the hardware. There is a universal mounting kit that cost about 25 bucks here in Canada, probably a lot less in your area. The kit comes with handlebar clamps and 3/8" diameter rods for the shield. Works real good. Even if you didn't like the shield, which you probably will, you could sell the complete windshield for more than the cost of the kit. Just a thought. Good Luck.

Do you remember the brand name of the universal kit you bought? The $25 is right in my price range for testing. I've got several 7/8" bar mounts from old handguards that can easily be re-tasked, but I've been unable to duplicate the rods.
I ride the national preserve out at little river canyon. Its fun, but after riding it a dozen times or so it gets a little old. Riding the canyon rim, aka canyon parkway, is flipping great. I went down to piedmont last weekend and rode part of the talladega national forest. Needed more gas, ran low and I was nowhere near done exploring all that.

I think Bankhead was what I was thinking of. I saw on one of those dual sport websites they had offroad trails but I didn't know if it was worth a trip or not when it warms up.

I've driven around the Canyon rim in the car. Tell us more about the "national preserve"? Is that down in the canyon or some place near the canyon? We've ridden the Kentuck OHV trails at Talladega on dirt bikes and atvs but haven't been there yet on the TW's. We've been thinking about going to Stevenson AL and riding up to Swanee TN. Supposed to be some trails to the East of Stevenson as well. Maybe we could hook up with you some weekend? PM me and let's swap contact information.
Found a new still in the blister pack Slip Streamer mounting kit at our local MC salvage yard / dealer (Midway Cycle). Didn't have a price tag so the Owner hooked me up for $20. Spent today mounting and remounting, looked great mounted, tucked behind the cowling, and raked back. But, PERFORMANCE-WISE, it works best mounted a couple of inches higher, further forward, raked so that the windshield angle follows the rake of the forks. Nice to ride with the wind off my chest and just skimming over my head. Without me acting as a giant parachute the little thing does right nice! Bike zips right up to speed, and runs along very relaxed at 50 using half throttle.
Slipstream hardware is notorious for shedding the "plugs" that insert through the front at inopportune moments.

I use either bubble gum or silicone on the plastic threads.

Dropped the National Cycle Deflector and busted it all to pieces so have installed a new SlipStream Cobra Windshield complete with hardware. IMO, it is perfect in size and style. The "tee-screws" do loosen, but I have them preloaded with small bungy cords so they don't move at all. Had no issues with the SlipStream plastic mounts that go through the windshield.
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