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Aloha guys and gals. I’m debating on doing an engine swap which may seem kinda extravagant but as I add up all the parts needed to replace my valves, base and head gasket and cam sprocket I’m nearing a number higher than hoped.

I’ve been searching for a full rebuild kit as well but without much luck. That would be nice as it would have all the parts that may need replacing beyond what I have seen so far.

The alternative would be to do what reddave did and find a running engine and swap that in.

PS the piston and rings were replaced about 5k ago as was the cam shaft, cam chain, and a few other things.

So ya if you have an extra engine haha! In good shape and would be willing to ship to Hawai’i that would be cool! I’d love to just unbolt this one and bolt on the “new” one.

Then I’d have a practice one to rebuild and potentially turn around and sell down the road.
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