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Warn 3.5" Fog Lights

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Hey guys, I've tried using the search function and couldn't find much. I'm considering purchasing two Warn W350F 3.5" fog lights to put on the front forks in place of the reflectors. I'll wire them to a switch on the handlebars. They're 55w lights, so would they draw to much electricity while the bike is running? They won't be on all the time, just on some of the dark backroads/trails that I ride. Thanks in advance!
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Dangit. Looks like I'll cancel that order.

Alright then, could I do two HID or LED lights? Sorry for the questions, I don't understand electricity at all! lol

I'm electrically challenged also!....don't feel bad.Also look at Twisted throttle's Denali lights....only .75A draw per light.Includes harness etc.
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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