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My Dad just went down to buy tabs for his TW. He was denied tabs and was told to fill out a form and get his TW inspected and then return to the DMV to receive his tabs. This all stems from the recent change to offroad motorcycles licensing. Starting January 1, 2012, any dirt bike can be made street legal as long as it has all the necessary street equipment and it passes an inspection. The TW vin number was classified under "off-road" only.

The State of Washington uses a third party to implement their tabs and they are the ones who made the mistake. My Dad called the State and they finally said that they screwed up. Now he has a paper temporary plate for his motorcycle.

This hopefully will be fixed within the next few weeks.

So just a heads up if your tabs expire soon.

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Thanks Rainman

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The DOL is working on it


Attached is information about the issue regarding motorcycle registration cancellations. This document outlines the process DOL will follow to resolve the issue as well as contact information for constituents. I apologize for any increase in constituent mail that this issue may have caused.

Department of Licensing Information Regarding Motorcycle Registration Cancellations · February 10, 2012

Recently about 600 customers received a letter from the Department of Licensing stating their off-road motorcycle was improperly registered as street legal, and that their registration is canceled.

The department has discovered that some of these motorcycles may have been incorrectly canceled. This is due to an issue that is currently being worked with the vendor that provides vehicle information to the department.

What is the department doing?

As of February 10, the department has been contacted by about 100 customers indicating they believe their motorcycle is street legal.

The department is immediately reinstating all registrations that were cancelled. These customers will be sent a letter on Friday, February 10 stating that their registration has been reinstated, and that motorcycle is still subject to certain federal and state safety standards.

We have notified law enforcement and the motorcycle community.

Will more motorcycles be affected?

The entire universe of motorcycles that are potentially misclassified in our vendor’s database is approximately 7,000. These customers will not receive cancellation notices. Next week the department will send these customers a letter assuring them their registrations will not be cancelled.

We are working with our vendor to ensure future records are accurate. Current law provides for an inspection process for future customers who are denied initial registration and believe their motorcycle is street legal.

Customers who have had their motorcycle registrations canceled before January 1, 2012 may have their cycle inspected and may be registered for road use under RCW 46.16A.435.

For more information

We have set up a specific email address and phone option for customers and are posting information on our web site.

DOL Blog:

Agency Internet site:

Phone number: 360-902-3770 option 8

Email : [email protected]"
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