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weak spark

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My 1996 200 has always had a hard time starting, I've rebuilt the motor because compression was weak.

made it around the block and it died, the compression is very good, but the spark is weak - Do I need a magneto?

The battery has been replaced twice and the starter seems to really drag (the starter was replaced 6 months ago)

I seem to have an electrical problem, but don't know what to try next.

any thoughts?

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Arrowsmith is correct. Spark on healthy CDI system is RPM-dependent.

One of the most frequently overlooked items are the starter solenoids.

It may not neccessarily be your particular issue, but Jap bike solenoids have notoriously short lives, in my experience. They arc across the points with age, rob current from the starter and drain the battery quicker when cranking..

Worth looking in to if your bike starts easily with a good kick, but won't start with the button.

The quick and dirty way to check it is to bypass it. With a fully charged battery, put the bike in neutral, turn the key on and jump the large terminals with a pair of needlenose pliers or a 10 gauge jumper wire. If it starts right up or seems to spin faster, Bob's yer uncle.
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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