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weak spark

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My 1996 200 has always had a hard time starting, I've rebuilt the motor because compression was weak.

made it around the block and it died, the compression is very good, but the spark is weak - Do I need a magneto?

The battery has been replaced twice and the starter seems to really drag (the starter was replaced 6 months ago)

I seem to have an electrical problem, but don't know what to try next.

any thoughts?

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Ok, didn't realize the spark on these was so weak - I recharged the battery, and after a few seconds it fired up.

maybe I'm not used to the way these start, but it seems to me to spin slow.

Would a bad CDI be discharging my battery? I also seem to have a little rattle in the motor (Timing chain maybe?) is there a trick to adjusting the tension?
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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