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Recently my wife and I spent our wedding anniversary out on the trail. For me it was a 3 purpose event. #1 spending time with my wife. #2 Been wanting to check another lookout off my lookout list. This one you have to hike, bike, ride a mule (horse) or... #3 Ride a motorcycle. There are a couple trails open to motorcycle and I wanted to scope them out for a future ride.

Gravel Pit. Nearest camp spot to the trail we're taking

Our main route

Fire smoke cleared for the day. Last weekend you wouldn't have been able to see the valley below...or the distant mountains. We rode up
trail from the center of the photo skirting the left side of the ridge/hill top on the right. From below on the trail, my wife saw a wolf about
where I'm standing taking this photo. More on that later.

Nearing the Council Mtn Lookout. Pole on hill is not the lookout, I'll explain later.

Made it. I knew the lookout was gone, but I'm just as interested in visiting the ruins of one

Old lookout stovepipe placed over a pole or fence post

Lookout foundation and what looks like an old metal bed frame

Can see No Business Lookout from here. A little over 5 straightline miles. We rode the TW and ATV there couple times before

Stovepipe and lookout foundation

Pole. We could see two of these on the way to the lookout. I believe they are old telephone poles. Lookout had a phone line down to the
guard station in the town of Council to report fires

Nice trail riding

Caught on candid camera! Trail Cam. We smiled and waved wildly. Later in the day we met a local rancher dropping of salt blocks. He said
the trail cam was for a wolf study Oregon State University was conducting. He had swapped out the SD Disk in the camera after we had
already gone by. Hope the study folks get a kick out of our child like behavior! :p

Trails are well marked, but... In some meadow/basin area's, it's hard to tell the difference between the trail and a cow path. In the tree's we
are guided by the "trail blaze" markers every so often.

Normally, I ride my mule Toby, but he just got back from a wagon train up on the Old Elk City Wagon Road, near Elk City (remember my Russ Rally NW)
So, the last couple times out I rode my wife's mule John Henry. She rode my father-in-laws mule, Willy.

Lunch break. Old age starting to hit Georgie!:( She tuckered out, and we still have to ride back to camp.

Use to be Georgie would be scouting all over the place during breaks. Now... This is Georgies last trail ride. She did good on the trail, but
she could hardly move around the house for a couple days after we got home. Sad to see old age catching up to her. Pout!

This was a pretty spot for a lunch break. Ride back to camp was uneventful other than running into the rancher and listening to his stories.

Question, do cattle guards really work? We have our doubts! Saw this on the way home. Had plenty of time to get out and take a picture of
mama and baby! Good ending to a good time!

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Nice story and pictures, makes good entertainment.
I noticed you listing "Spending time with the wife" as #1, marriage has made you a smart man, especially on your anniversary.
Poor Georgie is getting on in years. Recently Adam-in-Nevads gave me some of these glaucosamine with MSN chews for my old Sam and they have really made an amazingly big difference. I had tried other similar ingredients in pill form with no noticeable improvements but this brand seems effective. Untill a week ago a ramp was required for him to get in and out of truck, now he leaps in and out before I can get his ramp in place. "Let's Go!"
I do not know if Georgie's infirmities are joint related but thought I would pass on little I know. At 50 cents a day it seems like cheap rejuvination.


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Yeah, I probably a weirdo, my wife and I still love each other. Thanks for the lead on the glaucosamine chews. Couple days ago I bought some stuff with the G-amine, but not sure if it has MSM. The brand I bought say it may take 5-6 weeks to see results. If I don't see improvement, I'll try and find the brand you've shown.

P.S. She is feeling fine now after a few days rest!
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