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Weekend of riding in the Rockes - interested?

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Ok so this is just an idea - but hopefully a good one! Anyone interested in something like this? If so, I'm ready to do it!

TW200 Group Ride in the Rockies (Wet Mountains) – July 13-15.

Friday, July 13 – Arrive @ 5 or so (whenever) at my place (Pueblo, CO), Spaghetti Dinner, Ping Pong Tourney. Saturday, July 14 – Pancake breakfast, hit the road early, A.M. Ride on Second Mace trail, Lunch at San Isabel lake, P.M. Ride on Overlook trail and Old San Isabel Road, then back home for dinner, relax. Sunday, July 15 – Church in the a.m. (Hey – I’m a pastor – what do you expect?!) then a P.M. Ride to Greenhorn Mountain. Details to be determined. UPDATE JULY 5 - GUESS WE'LL BAG THIS IDEA DUE TO LACK OF INTEREST. BUMMER! MAYBE ANOTHER TIME!
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We've got plenty of room in the house here for those traveling. The food and accommodations are on us. Can't beat the deal! Looks like the hard part is gettin' here!
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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