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Weird clutch problem...

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Hey guys:)

I've got a weird problem with my clutch. During the first few kms when I take my 2006 TeeDub for a spin, the gear shifting is smooth. But after I've been riding for a while, the gears start to get a little rough. ie, changing gears (upshifting) has a weird "grind" kind of feel. I hope I'm explaining this properly ha ha:) Let me try give a better description:

I'll be riding for, say, 6kms. Upshifting is smooth. BUT THEN! Gradually it starts getting a short grinding feel as I change up. Can feel it in the bike, not a nice feeling!! It's a newish bike: 6000km on the clock. I bought it secondhand.

Has anyone ever experienced something like this?
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Just to be clear, this is all the way the shift "feels" and not "sounds," correct? As long as you aren't hearing any noise, I think what you are experiencing is temperamental shifting as your engine becomes warmer. Do a search on shifting and it will come up. it's a common Tdub characteristic. Mine does it and and it has only 750 miles on it. The fix, so some say, is a higher viscosity oil, or just put up with it.

Yes, feels, not sounds like luckily:) It's a really strange thing, is changing the oil the only real "cure"? I'm currently using Castrol GTX 20W-50

Well, the folks that have gone to synthetic oil seem to like it. but i would think 50 weight would help. Somebody else needs to weigh in here to let you know if this is some other issue. But if it is just shifting a little unevenly and performs fine, I have to think it's not a real malfunction.

1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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