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Welding on theTW

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I am going to have a part repaired on my bike by using a welder. My question is do I have to remove any electrical components on the bike so the welding doesn't fry them?
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I had my frame welded with gussets. I pulled the battery, the coil, disconnected or removed anything with a diode in it, and pulled the fuse. The welder knew enough to ground right next to the work, but I was in a belt- and- suspenders mood. Only a few minutes time both in and out. No regrets, but likely overdoing it. If I had been working away from the center of the bike like the rear rack I would not have been so fussy. -GB

You did the right thing.

I would rather spend a few minutes pulling plugs than scratching my head trying to find electrical faults and then spending money on something that failed because I was too lazy to do it right.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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