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Welding on theTW

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I am going to have a part repaired on my bike by using a welder. My question is do I have to remove any electrical components on the bike so the welding doesn't fry them?
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Make sure the ground clamp is close to where you're welding and make sure you have a good ground, even if you have to grind some paint off the frame. Never get any electrical or engine parts between the ground and the electrode while welding you can screw up bearings or burn out eletrical components.
I welded my XT tank mount on. The battery ground wasn't connected but that was because I was working on the electrics, not because of the welding. I did happen to ground on the piece I was welding on. Since I am a poor welder I had to grind the welds off and re-weld in a couple of places. Everything still works.
It's always a crap shoot when you're welding around electronics that can be energized by the welder. The only way to guarantee no damage will occur is to remove them. This may not be possible if you're welding on an excavator or other large item where it would take forever to remove all electrical items. It's not only electrical items that can be damaged by welding on a vehicle. When you pass electricity through an engine the current can jump over gaps causing arcing and leave small pitts in the metal. If this happens on a bearing it can cause damage, maybe not enough that you'd notice but maybe enough to make the bearing fail prematurely. Keeping a good ground close to where you're welding with no electrical or mechanical parts between the ground and the stinger is the next best way and probably in most cases the most financially feasible way to safely weld on any vehicle.
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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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