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Hello, just picked up a 91 TW. It appears someone tried to tinker with it before I got it. I figured out most of the hoses near the carb. But under the carb bowl, there are two openings. One has a screw to restrict flow(i think). What is the other for(gas flows from here when i turn the petcock to on)? Should there be two hoses for the two holes? If so, where does it connect to? Thanks


The rearmost one is the float bowl drain. If gas is coming out of here, the drain setscrew is backed out (the little Phillips head brass screw on the left side of the carb).

The more forward one is the float bowl overflow (It has a slightly larger nipple). If gas is coming out of here, your float is stuck open.

Both of these get short hoses routed to beneath the swingarm.
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