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I take a Eureka Backcountry 1 solo tent, A woods summer weight sleeping bag, Eureka singlis air mattress, an Evernew appalachian cook set with fuel, Mountain house freeze dried meals, small hatchet, big knife, several Bic lighters, GI canteen, Mini mag flashlight, candle lantern, first aid kit, Boonie hat, personal kit, camera. All packed in a Wolfman duffle bag, I'm good for two or three days out with this set up.

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I think there are quite a few threads on this already. I went camping this summer but i was always near civilization. We camped at a campground. I took more than i needed. I cooked in a jetboil that works great and over the campfire. I assume you have a cyclerack? The rack was invaluable for loading and i had more than enough room for a few days. I didnt take much for repair type tools. I would take a patch kit or an extra tube just in case.

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i like compact and good quality camping gear i started rebuilding my camping gear last year after irene hit cleaned up what was worth saving and spent the winter building it up off the top of my head

1.trangia cook sets (i like to eat it's a bit of money up front but great quality swiss made compact and once you start adding up the cost of non stick cookwear you save in the end)

2.wiggys desert bag (packs up small the size of a football with the pillow taken out add a liner for colder wether size of a grape fruit)

3.exped synmat

4.grilliput portable grill

5.rome jaffle iron

i an curantly useing a cheap colman single person tent that i really like but i am looking into something free standing incase i ever need, so any advise on 1-2 person tents, well let's hope sandy don't get the best of me like irene did 6 more hours to weather the hardest part of the storm best of luck to all the members of the north east

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As an avid backpacker myself, I forget the minimalist standards while aboard the TW. She can carry far more than I can and for much longer. Though if I'm in an area that is far, far from cell reception or society for that matter, I do contain most of my stuff in a backpack - used for backpacking, should TW fail to turn the tires I will have the bulk of what I need during my foot adventure back

For Summer:


my backpacking tent (currently an REI half dome) - soon to be a quarter dome

my summer sleeping bag

my summer sleeping pad

matches and at least two lighters

depending on days of camping - at least twelve beers per day

a pistol with around 10 - 200 rounds (depends on if I plan on plinkin or not)

a knife

cookware (stainless steel cup and pot)

Primus camp stove (with fuel of coarse)

Tools (wrenches, pliers other odds and ends not found in the OEM)

at least a half of gallon of water per day

water filter

at least one nalgene (containing water)

one extra gallon of fuel

sometimes the rifle comes with too

Mountainhouse freeze dried meals


2-3 cans of sardines or tuna

usually a couple apples

dried fruit

(depending on area, sometimes backpacking fishing pole)

(depending on area, maps)


For Winter:

everything above except

-less beer (sometimes switched for whiskey)

-no water filter

-winter sleeping bag and pad

-extra layers (jacket, wool sweater, hoodie, wool socks)

..sometimes a book or sketch pad also is jammed in the pack depending on my

Good topic!


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