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When I went to view my ’98 at the dealer, it had a tender lead attached, pointed out to me by the grinning idiot they called a "mechanic" as well – when the bike was delivered, it was mysteriously missing. Figured they were trying to impress me with how easily the bike started up – and on the new American models, given that they only have electric start, it begins to make sense

Two bucks to make a sale ?

Personally, I wouldn’t keep them on a tender permanently, or ever over-night for that matter. Depends on how seriously you want to take “house warming”

Swap the battery out for Lithium, and you leave all that behind you – but there will always be those, who upon picking the bike up after a fall, like watching their jeans disintegrate in the wash. Then, with the battery juices now no longer in there, you can apply the battery tender 24hrs a day, until your insurance company pays out for the house fire

Why do Yamaha put lead acid batteries in there? - to save costs of course. Why do you not replace it with a Lithium battery ? – to save costs of course

You just spent 5000 plus bucks on a bike, and now you want to save yourself 2% ?

None of this is “personal” in any way, your buck, your bike – just presenting another side to the argument …..

I forgot about the disintegrating jeans or magic holes that appear in them when washed. We used to sit on the edge of the electric pallet jack battery covers until we learned of the hole phenomenon. I have been using the cheaper AGM battery and for me at $40.00 bucks or so is a good deal. I am still on my first AGM battery, going on about 4 years or maybe more now.
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