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What kind of oil is recommended?

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Hey everyone, I know this subject has been discussed before, but search won't let me look for anything less than for characters, so oil won't work.

Anyway, I am doing the first oil change on my '05 TW and was wondering if I should get a certain oil, or if any motorcycle oil in general will work? I'm not sure which weight to buy, I plan on ridding the bike through most of the upcoming winter if that makes a difference. Also, I heard that switching to synthetic might not be a bad idea to make shifts smoother? Any thoughts and suggestions are appreciated!
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I have used many brands and different weights. I truly believe 10w40 is too light for the T-dub unless you ride in cold weather. I like 20w50 and feel it offers greater protection. A good 20w50 synthetic will flow as well or better than 10w40 dino at low temps. There, JMHO and I didn't mention any brand names!
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