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What year plastics match ???

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Can anybody tell me what other year side plastics will fit on a 2002 ? are they the same but just different colors ?

Anybody know a good (read CHEAP) aftermarket location to buy some ??

Anybody have some white ones or blue ones for sale ????

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Smurf blue is hawt. I know this dude with some....
I don't think he'll sell them. He bought black ones, and keeps the Smurf versions enshrined behind glass. Lights candles,hums, and basks in their aura when no one's around. Kinda strange, but it keeps him off the streets.

Actually that's just an inside joke. White and black are the most common and should come up on eBay or in here from time to time. I think both can still be bought new, but that probably won't meet the criteria for "cheap".

There are two blues. One is the darker, later model one that you're looking for, then there's the one that only came on the highly prized and ultra-collectible Smurf Edition TW's.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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