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What's the reason for the bike turning off during my ride?

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Can the TW200 turn off whilst riding it if it hasn't been given enough time to warm up from a cold start? I was running a bit late today. I turned on the choke on start, and I might've left the max choke on a minute longer than necessary since I was inside getting my gear ready. Turned off the choke, and let the bike warm up for about 3 minutes.

I was then on my way, when at the end of my street, as I held the clutch in to switch gears from 5th to 1st, the bike turned off. It wouldn't turn back on, kind of like it was struggling from lack of battery juice. I just replaced the battery a month and a half ago, and I filled up the tank yesterday (btw, throttle went dead yesterday mid-highway because my tank was empty. Switched it to reserve gas, and filled it up at the gas station. Could that of played a factor? Fuel cock was on tank this morning so I don't think so).

The bike started when I rolled it forward and tried to start it. What do you think went wrong? I've been riding for a few months but I'm not too knowledgeable with bike problems. Do you think it was the shortage of warm up time, or do batteries (factory replacement) really last that short of a time? Or did it turn off because of the choke being left on too much this morning?

Thanks guys
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May be as simple as the kickstand cut off switch. If the stand was down just a little bit it will kill the ignition.

If it doesn't happen again I wouldn't sweat it.
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