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When your muffler and header pipe love each other very much.

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When your header pipe and your muffler are very attached to each other and don’t want to separate no amount of external pressure can break them up without destroying the relationship.

It is odd; not 2 weeks ago I took off my header and did not have any problem. Last night when I was pulling these apart again, the muffler gasket stuck to the header and refused to budge. The back half of it was stuck in the exhaust pipe. Since the gasket material is soft and friable the only way to seperate the pipes was to destroy the gasket.

The good news is that I got to see how the gasket is made (brillo pad covered in binder/insulating material) the bad news is that it required a trip to the Yamaha dealer and $15 for a new gasket.

My only suggestion to others would be to attempt to rotate the pipes before pulling on them. I believe that there is less chance of destroying the gasket if you can break it loose rotationally.

See if you can guess which is the old and which is the new:

Part number 3YF-14714-00-00
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Hi Cololevi,

Welcome to the forum!

It just so happened that earlier this evening I pulled the muffler off of a 1987 parts bike. Here is what worked for me:

-Remove the two mounting bolts securing the muffler to the frame.
-Use a long bolt, a length of metal rod, or a long screwdriver and insert this through the rear mounting bracket on the muffler. This will allow you some leverage to apply some torque to the muffler.
-Using caution, as the muffler mounting bracket will bend surprisingly easily, use the bolt to gently twist the muffler back and forth as viewed from the rear of the bike.
-Don't force it. Just try to move it back and forth until you are able to feel it break loose and rotate a little. Once it breaks free, then pull back on the muffler as you continue to rotate it back and forth until you are able to pull the muffler free from the header pipe.

Like I said, this is what worked for me tonight. If you are not able to free it up this way, you may want try some penetrating oil on the joint and repeat this approach after allowing the oil some time to work.

Hope this helps,

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