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I have had my engine overhauled. I am now re-fitting the engine & I have this wire which I don't remember where it went.

Can anyone tell me where it goes. I suspect it may be the neutral indicator but I don't want to take the cover off unless I am sure. It looks like the round push in connector fits into the collection with the alternator wires at the battery.


Second question. There is a two part rubber tube on the carb. 1 part goes down & is the overflow. Does the other part just goe up under the tank threaded next to the wire loom as a breather? That is what I remember but it was quite a while ago when I removed the engine & the TW workshop manual has very poor photos but says nothing about these tubes. There is a separate larger rubber tube that starts between the carb & cylinder head leading up the same way ending in a metal tube thing.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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