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Will it ever be "done"?

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I'm still working on changes to my TDub. It gets ridden 99% street now, so I'm making it as streetable as possible.

I've changed to a K&N cone filter (ok... cylinder), diy header with the silencer off of a cr125, cut the airbox down to just a battery tray, changed to TW203-204 tires, and lots of other farkles here and there.

Here it is as of now....I'm working on a set of highway pegs, but they're still in the design phase. I want to make sure they look nice.

I also want to make a nicer looking exhaust system, but this one works fine for now.

The images are pretty big, so I used links until I have time to edit/move them.
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It'll never be "done". Give it up and roll widdit

Nice work.
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