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Will purchase good used TW200's

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I am retired and live most of the year in the Caribbean, small island called St John. I will post tomorrow with more details, but I am looking to purchase good quality used TW's o ship from Florida .

I just tried my first shipment purchased mainly over Craigslist, and will have 6 bikes here shortly.

With a 25mph speed limit, these are the perfect vehicle for this island.

Although I like the colors Yamaha used in the 90's, blues and yellows, I will NOT buy again bikes that old which are dirty and beat up. If a seller cannot spend an hour cleaning the bike before selling it, he probably never took care when he used it.

I am working on the shipping details, as they must get to Florida for crating and shipping.

I will install Cycleracks front and rear on all bikes.

ALL. Must have Certificates of Title.

Price must be reasonable, and all the crap about "this is the best year they were made" , etc. don't waste my time ..

Clean quality used TW's is ALL I am looking to buy..

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80 people viewed my post but not one inquiry.

Here on St John there are about 10 TW's, and when I see one we always chat about how they are the perfect bike for the Island.

So my plan, just for something fun to keep me busy, is to buy up Good quality used TW's and ship them here. They must be. Crated, unless I have enough to fill a 20' container.

They must have a solid certificate of title, otherwise they will not be shipped.

Before I ship each bike I will have a mechanic go over the bike completely, changing oil and filter, greasing swing arm, cleaning carb as needed, new battery as needed, new chain as needed, valves adjust, all electricals checked ..

As there are no motorcycle mechanics here on Island, I want each bike to be as perfect a possible.

So if you are looking to let go of your. TW. And allow it to retire Here in the Caribbean, send me an email and we can discuss.

Every bike I haver chased so far through Craigslist has had an issue, And most are misrepresented.

Hey EM, you're posts sound kind of demanding for someone that's doing this for fun. Sounding like an aggressive car salesman isn't going to inspire anyone to sell you their mint condition TW for what you consider a reasonable price. When 80 out of over 2000 people view your post and don't reply that may mean they don't want to sell. Being in business of any kind you will find a lot of customers that seem to waste your time, you won't like it but you're not supposed to tell them that. Just part of doing business. It's always hard to determine someones state of mind through writing alone so IF I'm out to lunch on your meaning I'll apoligize in advance. Good luck and best wishes in you new business venture.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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