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winter boredom

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Here is my take on the crescent hammer. The 22mm axle hammer with 12 gauge copper wire rapped handle.
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Howardgene, having been inspired by these 'multi-tool' ideas that have been presented I got an idea for you; The ball-peen end of your hammer may not be a feature that you are likely to use on the TW. If you carefully grind it down to represent a 'stud' onto which you can slip a 3/8th's or 1/2 inch drive socket the use potential may really expand. Granted, it will not ratchet, but with quality (many facets) sockets it will still be very useful (I believe). You can then also use sockets with the appropriate allen-heads. Gerry

Ahhh... I like that idea! That mrgizmow is a thinker!
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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