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Working on a Dual Range add-on

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Hey Guys, I'm new here and haven't purchased my TW200 yet. I'm still trying to decide between an older one that needs some TLC an a newer model. However while thinking about what type of riding I want to do and if it would require a sprocket change I started working on a project for the TW200. I can't tell you the details because I hope the idea will be patentable.

I can tell you the goals of the project. I would like to hear if you would be interested in such a product.

The modification would allow for 2 ranges of operation. The standard speed would be the stock speed, and the other would have about a 1.5:1 gear reduction. Meaning (with the reduction you would be traveling about 40 MPH instead of 60 MPH). One option would be to combine this modification with the a smaller rear sprocket, then you would have the advantage of higher road speeds, and still a low range that provides lower speeds than stock.

The modification would allow you to change easily, meaning drive to the trail in high range and in a few minutes switch it to low range for trail riding.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts.


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I really enjoyed having that option on my Honda, If it were a flip of a lever with the near bullet proof strength of the Honda trail eng/trans combo, I’d give it a try.

The thing about many of this kind of idea, & hopefully, eventually, working prototype, is that it should be something you want to do to prove to yourself & have the satisfaction of knowing you can do it! That’s the only way you will ever feel good/justified by the amount of time & effort it would take to accomplish such a mod. If you can market it after that, that’s cake! If it’s novel, & performs well, there will be a market for it, among TW enthusiasts, you get the idea.

So go out & make it, ‘cause I’ll probably want one.
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