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Working on a Dual Range add-on

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Hey Guys, I'm new here and haven't purchased my TW200 yet. I'm still trying to decide between an older one that needs some TLC an a newer model. However while thinking about what type of riding I want to do and if it would require a sprocket change I started working on a project for the TW200. I can't tell you the details because I hope the idea will be patentable.

I can tell you the goals of the project. I would like to hear if you would be interested in such a product.

The modification would allow for 2 ranges of operation. The standard speed would be the stock speed, and the other would have about a 1.5:1 gear reduction. Meaning (with the reduction you would be traveling about 40 MPH instead of 60 MPH). One option would be to combine this modification with the a smaller rear sprocket, then you would have the advantage of higher road speeds, and still a low range that provides lower speeds than stock.

The modification would allow you to change easily, meaning drive to the trail in high range and in a few minutes switch it to low range for trail riding.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts.


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Back in the 60s I bought a Honda 90 trail for my wife. It had the dual range tranny. It worked OK, but to change ratios you needed to get off and switch the little lever on the bottom of the engine.

In the 70s Husqvarna brought out a 360 Enduro which had the dual ratios with a bar-mounted control, something like the enrichener controls on many Japanese bikes. A buddy of mine had one and I rode it quite a bit. It worked well. They did not sell many, so it was discontinued after a couple of years.

When I talked to my buddy a few months ago he still had it.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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