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1987 Yamaha TW200
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I'm looking for a good condition headlight wrap. This is the foam / cloth piece that wraps around the headlight, I believe it has some little snaps to hold it in place. Without this, at night, you get light leakage from the headlight that can be distracting and sort of obfuscates the gauges if you have bad eyes.

I'm not sure what it's worth and the nomenclature is all over the place for this part, but if you have fiddled with it, you know what piece I'm talking about.

Please let me know if you have one you wouldn't mind selling - you can reach me via PM here or you can email me directly at:

gmail dot com

Sorry for writing it out so strangely, just trying to avoid getting picked up by yet another web-crawling spam bot that will flood my inbox.

Thanks for reading!

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