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Hello all,
I just bought TWO TW's, for my son and I to get farther into the mountains!! I'm new to the "T-Dub" community and forums!!! I'm an avid outdoorsman who loves to get outside anytime I can. I used to be able to backpack but now my body cant take the weight and miles anymore. I worked for the Federal Government repelling into wild land/ forest fires for my career and it beat me up pretty good. These amazing bikes are going to get me back doing what I love!!
With that being said I'm looking accessorize our bikes, looking to see if anyone had any goodies laying around that I could take off your hands.
I'm looking for;
1. Rotopax or Kolpin fuel cans the 2gallon ones and maybe mounts?? 2ea
2 .Kolpin gun scabbard and mount 5.0 2ea
3. Rear cargo rack
4. Front cargo rack (over the light)
5. Tool tubes 4ea

I know all of this stuff is available retail but if I can save a few $$$$ and put some $$$$ back into your pocket = Win, Win!!!!!

Thanks for taking your time to look and see if you ar your friends have anything laying around.

Warmest regards, :blob3:
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