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1987 Yamaha TW200
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Hello all!

I need some screws and bolts from our bikes, and I'll gladly pay a reasonable price for them.

I need the screws that hold the kickstand kill switch sensor in place.

I need all the screws that hold the airbox cover in place, as well as the two screws that hold the side panel onto the airbox cover.

I need the three bolts that hold the airbox / battery holder up (two are below the seat, one is on the upper-left (most forward) section of the airbox when viewed from the side).

I need the bolt that holds the front fairing in place (single bolt, below headlight).

I need the other bolt that is directly below the headlight, centered.

In addition to all of that, I need the foam wrap that goes around the headlight. I'm not even sure how that attaches, I just know it is there on my 1990 and it isn't there on my 1987.

Thanks in advance! Just send me a PM on the site here if you can help me out and I can pay you immediately.

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