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WTB: Speedometer, rear rack, bigger foot pegs, rear turn signals

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First off I want to thank admiral for sending me some free handlebar risers. I just got a t-dub last Monday and promptly joined this forum - free risers are quite the welcoming gift! I'm excited to for this site as such a great resource.

If anyone has on of the parts listed in the title or knows of a great deal please let me know! Also, any recommendations on speedo setup to buy if I don't find something here?

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I have a set of bigger foot pegs that are for sale.

Make me an offer and cover the shipping and it's yours.

What brand/condition are the pegs?

I have a used, but basically brand new yamaha rear rack....$100+ new, I'm asking $ ad was posted a week or so ago on the tw classifieds forum....check it out!

I'm in was recently installed on the bike by the previous owner just before I bought it....he rode with it once or twice....I took it off before I rode it to put on a new cyclerack...


Thanks for the reply, I'm not sure of what kind of rack I want to go with yet. I will PM you if I decide to take your offer.

Thanks again.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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