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WTB TW200 near Hampton Roads, VA

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Been waiting for one to pop up on Craigslist but the last two sold within a day of being advertised in my I figured I'd try this. I'm a serious buyer with $$$ in the bank. I have a trailer and can haul the bike if you're within 300 miles of Va Beach, VA. If you're offering a good enough deal I will pay to have the bike shipped to me if you're willing to help with the loading from your end.

I'm looking for somewhat low miles (under 5K), good running order. I'm okay with nicks and scratches on the fenders and other visual defects, but I want a good running bike....modifications are unimportant...I'm interested with or without whatever you've got

Can pay upwards to $2500 total, but I won't pay more than the bike is ones can be had in my area for $3,700 out the door (2012) with a warranty so I have to factor that into my decision
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replied via pm...I'm very interested in the bike
Thanks...just let me know if that doesn't work out

one just went on ebay near me so I'll be checking that out too
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