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(WTHDRWN) WTB Beater body to fit 2010

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WTB withdrawn thanks for looking

I am removing anything offensive. My apologize I did not mean any harm. Thanks.

I asked in IMHO somewhat funny somewhat bitchy way to stay on topic when I felt every response was "why". I was not asking why I should buy I was stating I'd "WTB" or want to buy. I got annoyed by so many "Why" posts that IMHO are off topic and do not contribute to this WTB thread.

I'm thinking this forum is not for me. You guys are too serious and (another edit) what is with flaming my WTB thread. Most forums threads get closed post get deleted for hijacking someones thread, not for asking to stay on topic.

The atmosphere is too serious, I feel like someone died and their body is stinking up the room.

MODS: This thread has run it's course. If my statements crossed the line BAN ME. If not please close this thread, I'm not sure I belong here....
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Toy-Tank, I see that you tried to 'pull-back' on your request. I will try to respect your goal, but feel compelled to say; "money does not buy you happiness". The purchase that you made (TW) can leave you with a whole range of memories. A few of the good ones will last a lifetime... Spending any time with the 'concern' you described suggests you risk having you last breath be 'damn, am I rich' rather than 'damn it was fun'.

I know I am being presumptuous. I know you've gotta do what you gotta do. Just don't make it all about the money...

This is just me, and I do realize it is your choice. Good luck. Gerry
I have been here a 'longtime'. Perhaps I take some liberties and indeed I can be preachy.

Toy Tank, sorry for the 'encroachment'. I got IT! Gerry

Think some middle ground has been reached. Let's move on. Thanks.................
As sometimes we have problems with our bikes, we can have problems with each other. What I personally find comforting is, if you are willing to try, problems can be solved. Likely I will always be sort of a preachy guy.

ToyTank, welcome aboard......
. Gerry
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1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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